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About Jimmy Houston

Jimmy Houston, America’s favorite fisherman, along with his wife of 50 years, has become known as America’s First Family of Fishing .Together they have combined to qualify and fish nearly 40 Bassmaster Classics, Bass N Gal Classics and FLW Championships. Along the way they won nine Angler of the Year titles, three Classic and numerous tournaments, over 25 bass boats and well over a million dollars in prize money. Both are in pretty much every Fishing Hall of Fame including the prestigious IGFA. Chris is still the only
woman elected to the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame.
Both still fish with Jimmy who is still competing with the young guns at the top level of bass fishing competition, the FLW Tour. In 2013 Jimmy became oldest competitor ever to qualify for the FLW Championship, the Forrest Wood Cup, through the tour events. And then there is the television show, Jimmy Houston Outdoors, now in its 37th year on national television and still rated as one of the most
watched outdoors shows in America.
In 2003, Jimmy and Chris purchased a recreational ranch in southern Oklahoma that Jimmy named Twin Eagles. In ten short years
Twin Eagles has grown into about 2000 acres of outdoor paradise. A 125 acre lake and 77 acre lake provide some of the world’s best fishing and then there are deer, elk, wild turkey, hogs, quail and ducks a plenty in this Arbuckle Mountain Red River Valley little piece of heaven.
Along with the great fishing, hunting and spectacular views are pecan trees. Hundreds of pecan trees…maybe even a thousand. Chris and Jimmy along with their family members went to work cleaning up the pecan groves. Mowing, spraying, watering, fertilizing, trimming brush hogging and yes…harvesting what just might be the world’s best tasting nuts…pecans.
After thousands of hours on tractors, sprayers, water tanks and harvesters, Twin Eagle Ranch now produces some of the best pecans you have ever put in your mouth. Jimmy and Chris, along with their Twin Eagle partners, Becky and Steve Wells, want you to enjoy the “fruit of their labor”, famous Twin Eagle Ranch pecans.IMAG006
The Red River Valley of southern Oklahoma and north Texas produce some of the largest and more importantly, best tasting
pecans grown anywhere. The pecans are shipped fresh, never frozen, and direct from the trees to you. You simply can’t get a fresher pecan, even if you shake the trees yourself and pick’em up off the ground. Get your order in early to assure yourself the absolutely freshest and best pecans. Pecans also make the perfect gift for family, friends and employees!
Pecans pies, candy, cakes, ice cream, roasted with cinnamon or just on your morning cereal…Twin Eagle Ranch pecans will brighten your day.

Makes your mouth happy just thinking about them!