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IMAG007IMAG003 IMAG004 IMAG005 IMAG006 IMAG008Jimmy’s Blog 10/01/2013

Over 10 years ago, Chris and I bought a ranch in southern Oklahoma for fishing and hunting. As I sat
in my Kawasaki Mule on the dam one evening marveling at the sheer beauty of our 125 acre lake, I glanced toward the sky, maybe just giving a thank you glance to God for the blessing. I didn’t see God
or maybe I did, but what I did see was two huge bald eagles soaring gracefully above the water. Thus the name “Twin Eagles Ranch” was born and cut into my mind.

Make no bones about it, Twin Eagles Ranch is still a recreational ranch but its also loaded with pecan trees…hundreds of big beautiful pecan trees!  These trees hadn’t been worked in a while, so Chris and I
and family went to work cleaning up those groves. Today, we harvest tons of some of the best pecans you can ever put in your mouth (or that holiday pecan pie or candy).
And, yes, Chris and I, our family, friends and our ranch partner, Steve and Becky Wells, do actually
work the trees and harvest the pecans. We clean, spray, shake and harvest every tree. And buddy is it ever worth it! Super fresh pecans with super flavor!
And now, we are offering fresh pecans, direct from the tree, to all our many friends. We all know what a great gift fresh pecans make for our family, friends, business associates, employees and customers
plus fresh pecans are great gift for yourself.
Oh! Those fresh, hot pecan pies with a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream on top!
We have pecans grown with loving care waiting to make your life just a little bit better.
God bless!!!
On July 28th 2014, Jimmy was given a surprise
birthday party. He was truly surprised. Over
200 guest attended to wish him a very
happy birthday. He is 70

Grandson and
Great Grandson
Got several of both